About Your Member


Articulate, driven, and community-focused. Raquel Dancho is a Member of Parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul, Manitoba. First elected in 2019, she currently serves as Shadow Minister for Diversity, Inclusion, and Youth. 


In the Manitoba government, Raquel held the positions of Executive Assistant to the Minister of Sustainable Development and Special Assistant to the Minister of Sport, Culture, and Heritage. When the Progressive Conservatives were in opposition in Manitoba, she held the position of Policy Analyst in numerous portfolios including Family Services and Labour, and the Workers Compensation Board. Her ability to advocate for those less heard and implement varying strategies in an efficient and organized manner is what has made Raquel an effective public servant with a deep understanding of the political sphere. Through her passionate spirit, knowledge of the mechanics of government, and first-hand experience serving constituents, Raquel has built a strong reputation as an advocate for Manitobans. 


From growing up on a rural farm to pioneering her path into politics, Raquel values hard work and personal responsibility. She’s the voice of her community, assuring Ottawa implements a policy that honours her region. Raquel and her fiancé, Scott, both reside in North Kildonan and are proud to call this wonderful community home.